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As a company with so many years of selling zip wires to playgrounds and gardens across Europe, and on occasions further afield, we like to use our skills, expertise and quality products to help out children in desperate need. 

Here in Kenya we have supplied and fitted one of our playground zip wires in an orphanage struggling with limited resources.

Due to death from diseases like HIV/AIDS, thousands of children become orphans in Kenya every year.

We turned an area in the village into a playground for children that will contribute to a positive start in their childhood.

We flew out to Mombasa with our suitcases full of Zip Wire components, including Trolley, Cable, Tensioner, Spring Brakes, and a Seat.

We have also previously helped out an orphanage in Kampala, Uganda for children who have been victims of the various wars in the country or were child soldiers and all have witnessed grave atrocities.