Zip Wire Attachment – Pendulum Seat 8mm Chain


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Commercial grade pendulum seat has a protective rubber hose which covers a 2m long 8mm chain. The round seat has 4mm steel insert inside, which is covered in a thick rubber to soften impact.

Seat diameter: 25cm (10 inch)

If when in use the angle of the seat at the braking point exceeds 45 degrees you would need to add a better brake (eg 3m Spring) or lower the angle of the ride or reduce the tension.

Optional Replacement Trolley Bolt and Nut set
If you are replacing a seat or any other trolley accessory then you will need to replace the trolley bolt and nut set that hold the accessory onto the trolley. The Nylon Lock Nut can only be used once, otherwise it’s locking ability is damaged. The optional bolt and nut set are made from Grade A2 Stainless Steel with corrosion resistance for outdoor use.


ALL our pendulums seat have a Rubber Hose over the chain, some companies may offer a seat without the hose, the chain on exposed seats can pinch and trap fingers and the skin on legs.


This item meets an EN1176-4:2017 compliant installation when installed following the safety guidelines.

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