Zip Wire Brake – Clamps for a 10mm Tyre Brake DIY


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The budget way to make a minimal impact braking system for 10mm zip wire with minimal cost. You will need the following items.

  • A used car tyre (not included) – normally freely available from most tyre dealers,try to get a tyre without the steel radial in it.
  • 3 Wire rope clamps (included).

1. You will need to drill two 10mm holes through the tyre on a horizontal axis.
2. Thread the zip wire cable through the holes.
3. Slide the tyre to approximately 4 metres ( 13 foot ) from the end of the zip ride and tighten one of the wire rope clamps in the centre of the tyre.
4. Slide the tyre back towards the trolley until the tyre meets the clamp.
5. Use the remaining two wire rope clamps next to each other, on the outer wall of the tyre furthest away from the trolley.

Suitable for 10mm cable only, will not fit thinner, or thicker cables.


This stops the trolley from hitting the end tree/structure, it doe not offer any compression so the trolley will stop abruptly. If you are planing on put speed on the ride, then please consider the spring brakes instead which will offer safer, slower braking..

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