Zip Wire Cable – 10mm Galvanised Steel Wire Rope 80m (GB Only)


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Only available to mainland Great Britain due to physical weight of drum.

10mm diameter, 133 stranded solid core galvanised steel cable wire rope.

The cable has a machined heavy duty hard eye thimble at one end, and “fused & tapered” at the other so will not fray and become unmanageable. Do NOT cut the cable!

Weight: 30.00kg + Drum

Zip Wire Essential Cable Details:

    • 10mm diameter.
    • 19×7 – strand configuration required to give a quiet and vibration free ride. (Other cables 7×7, 7×19 etc will wear the trolley too quickly as it is not a smooth surface, as it has a hexagonal shaped profile).
    • Solid Core – the hidden core of cable is steel not fibre as found in cheap cable which will give to much stretch and the correct tension will not be achieved).
    • Galvanized – outdoor weather protection using a zinc coating to of the steel in order to prevent rusting.
    • Thimble Eye – used to aid fixing without weakening the integral strands.
    • Machined Ferrule Clamp – gives the ultimate strength to cable assembly – better than manual clamps.
    • Certification Stamp – Test certificate number stamped on Ferrule stamp for reassurance of quality.
    • Heat-shrink – covers lose strands at dead end to meet safety standards.

Fused and Tapered end – prevents cable strands unravelling and aids threading through equipment.


This item meets an EN1176-4:2017 compliant installation when installed following the safety guidelines.

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