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As a Aerial Runway specialist we ONLY sell this Petzl Trac designed for ADULT USE.

The Petzl Trac trolley is designed for use by competent persons over 18 years old only. This is due to the trolley having an open/exposed mechanism which is unsuitable for use by children and does not meet the same European Standards as any of our other products which all are normally full enclosed, from the cheapest toy version to 10mm commercial trolley. The advantage this trolley has over any of the safer versions however is that it can be taken of the cable at the end of the ride so is better suited when crossing water etc where it is difficult to return the trolley back up the cable.

Sheaves aligned to guarantee stability on tyroleans.
Sealed ball bearings ensure constant efficiency, regardless of the user’s weight.
Specific bearing/sheave assembly ensures longer life for pulleys
VERTIGO carabiner is integrated into the pulley, making it easier to install and difficult to drop
WIRE-LOCK locking system facilitates manipulation
Clip-on cover system for easy installation of the TRAC pulley
The support zones for progression carabiners keep them from rubbing along the cables during Tyrolean traverses
Folds limit the risk of pinched fingers
Cable diameter: 9 – 13 mm
Weight: 405 g
Certification(s): CE EN 12278

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