ZW 8mm 30m Handle Zip Wire Package Inc Plastic Seat & DIY Tyre Brake


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This listing is for a predetermined set package. If you would like to choose different options please click 8mm Garden Zip Wire Kit Package Builder or one of our other packages. Trolley On this listing we have a single choice of trolley. It has the following features:Integrated anti-slip silicone covered handle bars.Attachment connection point to allow the option of the included seat to b..

This listing is for a predetermined set package. If you would like to choose different options please click 8mm Garden Zip Wire Kit Package Builder or one of our other packages.


On this listing we have a single choice of trolley.

It has the following features:

  • Integrated anti-slip silicone covered handle bars.
  • Attachment connection point to allow the option of the included seat to be used instead of the handle bars to give more variation to play and suit a wider age range.
  • Stainless steel pulley wheels for better strength, and longer lasting play.
  • Enclosed Trolley – This trolley prevents fingers or hair to become entrapped this item is suitable for ANY age user over 5 years.
  • Safety Tested – This trolley has been designed and certified to meet EN1176 European safety standards – Many other trolleys on the market do not meet the basic level of safety expected from this type of equipment.


  • Screw-Lock Gate – Spring close gate with screw lock to prevent it coming undone accidentally.
  • Strong Aluminium Material – Made from Aluminium strong enough for any single user.
  • Safety Tested – This carabiner has been CE0194 certified for use in rock climbing uses, making it suitable for upto 50m zip wire runs.

Ride Device

This seat is made to a budget, designed for child use only (one at a time).  For Adult use or where multiple users may use the ride at the same time it is advised to choose a package with the playground seat which is made from a metal disc covered in rubber, and a thick 8mm chain again covered in rubber.  This seat is hollow plastic, using just rope to connect to the trolley.

  • For residential, child use ONLY.
  • Extrusion blown moulded HDPE plastic seat.
  • 2m long green PP rope – A safety requirement which keeps fingers and hair away from the trolley and cable.

If when in use the angle of the seat at the braking point exceeds 20 degrees you would need to add a better brake (eg 3m Spring) or lower the angle of the ride or reduce the tension.  Failure to do so can incur injury and cause the rope or seat to break.


All our 8mm cables are finished products with a machined hard eye at one end and a fused and tapered end at the other. It’s not just cut from a reel of cable with strands that fray. The 8mm cables comes in lengths from 30m to 50m. You need around about 3-5m more than the length of the ride for installation, depending upon the installation method. Confirm with use before ordering to endure the correct length is purchased.

  • Finished Cable – This cable has both ends finished so there is no sharp lose strands that will slowly fray along the length of the cable.
  • Hard Eye with Machined Clamp and Heat Shrink Wrapped – One end of the cable has a hard eye using a thimble to aid installation. The cable has a machined clamp for the maximum strength. The cable is then heat shrink wrapped to prevent any of the 133 strands protruding from the clamp injuring the installer or users.
  • Fused & Tapered End – On the other end of the cable to the eye is a fused ( strands joined together to prevent fraying and injury) and tapered (to aid easy installation for instance threading through a tree or cross bar).
  • Solid Core 7×19 – (Not Hollow / Fibre filled) An obvious requirement of a Zip Wire is that it is solid, as the trolley rides on the top of it. Cables that have a hollow/fibre core are cheaper as you are paying for less material, but the reality is that like treading on a hose pipe the cable just collapses when weight is applied to it, reducing it’s strength, and actually reducing the tension on the cable. Some suppliers try to sell cheaper cable that is unsuitable for Zip Wire use. If they don’t mention “Solid Core” or “SC” (industry term) then you’ll be very unlikely to be getting the correct equipment. If in doubt call us with the specification to demystify it.
  • Safety Tested and Certified – Every cable is uniquely safety tested and certified, the certification number is then embossed onto the machined clamp so you have a permanent record of the testing, and the cable come complete with a safety certificate for specific use for zip wires.


The user should not travel more than a 45 degree angle at the end of the ride. The brake needs to be placed far enough up the ride to prevent leg impact against any tree / structure / obstacle.

DIY Tyre Brake – You supply a used tyre (available freely from a local mechanic / tyre dealer), the tyre is clamped to the cable and acts as a buffer to protect the trolley / user hitting an obstacle. A tyre does not offer any compression so only a slow/gentle ride can use this cheap option.

Clamped Anywhere Along Cable – The tyre can be clamped anywhere along the cable so you can stop the ride before any obstacle could get in the way.


The key to a safe zip wire is high tension and a low difference from the top end to the bottom. This means there is a limited fall height if a user fell of the ride minimising any injury. The longer the zip wire the greater the tension you will need to create to prevent the ride bottoming out (hitting the ground) in he middle.

Comprises of three individual parts. 1. Wire Rope Clamps to create an eye at the point required along the cable. 2. A straddle strap (short length of cable) to go round a tree or end structure. 3. Turnbuckle – two screws that screw into each other pulling the cable towards the straddle strap.

  • M20 Galvanised Turnbuckle – Takes up 30cm / 12 inches of slack in the cable. Jaw ends for easily connecting to cable eyes.
  • Tree Friendly Straddle Strap – The 2.4m long cable has a PVC tubing over it so it doesn’t cut into your tree. The cable has two machine made eyes at the ends for ultimate strength. Clamps are Heat Shrink Wrapped to prevent injury from loose strands. Cable safety tested and certificate number embossed on clamp.
  • Zinc Plated Wire Rope Grips – Weather protection on hardware used to double back the cable producing an eye with the supplied thimble.


Supplied with an Extended Loop Back to protect the tree from strangulation and acts as a secondary safety fail-safe for the machined eye of the cable.

Instructions & Safety Certificate

Each set is supplied with full itemised instructions, layout plan and personalised safety certificate with cable test and examination record.

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