UK Safety Regulations

Follow Safety Regulations


The British Standards Institution will supply the Safety requirement standards for the installation.

This includes BS EN 71-1:2014BS EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014BS EN 71-8:2011BS EN 1176-1:2017BS EN 1176-2:2017BS EN 1176-4:2017BS EN 1176-7:2008 & BS EN 1177:2008


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents can provide play safety inspections of the equipment to insure correct installation and normally required for insurance purposes.


All our kits are provided with a compliance certificate required for most installations.


The latest safety standards were published November 2017, our technical team have gone through all our products to discover if they meet the new regulations and where needed remove, amend or rapalce items so we can continue to be the UKs largest supplier of Aerial Runway equipment. Look for our “Meets EN1176-4:2017 Tick” on our product pages to ensure you are buying current safe products.

Look out for open trolleys that allow fingers or hair that can become entrapped in the mechanism – this is obvious when pointed out but some sellers try to hide it and ignore many other less obvious safety requirements.

Do not exceed the manufacturers maximum weights or distances, some sellers will try to encourage weights over the capacity of the equipment to appear to be cheap, or provide cable longer than the certified length. The longer the cable length the thicker it needs to be which is why we start at 3mm, then quickly offer 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and even provide 12mm and 14mm for lengths over 80m!

* “8mm Adventure Zip Wire” – The 8mm trolley has an open / exposed mechanism which fails the EN71 and EN1176 European Safety Standards, as such it should NOT be used by persons under 18 years old, and should only be used by a competent person. As it is intended only for adults use we do not supply a toy plastic seat in the kit, we only supply an adult seat which has a strong chain instead of rope, and a solid rubber seat instead of a hollow plastic seat. Some companies may mislead you by trying to reduce the price of a kit by offering unsuitable equipment. If in doubt please ask and we can point out what to look for.

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